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Measurably improve your students' wellbeing

Our platform makes running world class wellbeing lessons and measuring their impact easy.

The Problem

7/10 teachers rank student wellbeing as their biggest challenge

Students don't proactively manage their wellbeing

Students don’t have the skills to proactively manage their mental health and this means small issues can snowball. Most students don't use simple strategies that could help them manage anxiety, build healthy relationships and become more resilient.

Most programs are reactive and don't change student behaviour

The programs available to improve student wellbeing are dissapointing. Schools are often stuck with lacklustre PDF lesson plans that result in poor quality lessons.

How wellio works

An easier way to improve student wellbeing

Wellio is a digital platform to proactively improve your student's wellbeing. We help you build a bespoke scope and sequence, run engaging wellbeing lessons and measure their impact in one powerful tool.

Exceptional content for Years 7 to 12

Hundreds of lessons are at your fingertips. Use our library of lessons to build a custom scope and sequence and rest easy knowing your wellbeing program is on the cutting edge.

Our platform helps you update your scope and sequence in response to live data, so you can tackle unexpected issues with targeted lesson plans.

Technology powered wellbeing lessons

Imagine Education Perfect© or Stile©, but for wellbeing.

Our platform makes delivery easy, so that everyone delivers to the same standard, even if they don't feel like an expert.

Personalise lessons to your school and use features like live polls, competitive quizzes and live progress monitoring to make everything easier.

See how each class is progressing

Too often, there’s no way for wellbeing leaders to monitor what's happening in each class.

Our dashboards let you monitor each class's progress and give you simple stats to check if students enjoy the lessons. Never be left wondering again.

Staff and parent training so everyone feels confident to help

We equip staff and parents to speak the same language and ensure students get the same message wherever they turn. Your dedicated account manager will help you promote our training so we get buy in from the community.

Rigorous measurement without the effort

Our reports and dashboards rigorously identify which content areas students are struggling with and measure the impact of our programs. Our unique dashboards allow you to compare data across students, classes and year levels.

No more chasing surveys

All our data collection happens automatically, so you aren't stuck in spreadsheets.

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What will students learn?

View our library

Proactive wellbeing strategies

How to build healthy relationships

How to manage anxiety

Social media and phone addiction

How to bounce back from setbacks

Sleep, diet and excercise

Emotional regulation

Respectful relationships and consent

Frequently asked questions


The right package for your school



Deliver up to 7 lessons on a targeted topic using Wellio.

  • Staff training & onboarding

  • Full featured Wellio accounts for all staff

  • Progress dashboards

  • All impact dashboards

  • Parent training and content

  • Up to 7 lessons



Get access to our full library and use Wellio to deliver wellbeing lessons all year round.

  • Everything in Essentials

  • Access to our full year 7 to 12 lesson library

  • Scope and sequence tool to plan lessons for each year level